The commercial dept of Iranian Sanden industries (ISI) is responsible of all import formalities and this responsibility starts by receiving procurement orders from the planning department.


Considering type of consignment, country of supply and purchase urgency, it sets its purchase and payment conditions as well as to arrange its means of transportation and accordingly proceeds with obtaining necessary formal import permissions. Afterwards; based on agreed payment conditions, it proceeds with bank formalities in opening letter of credits or cash settlements.

Besides the required local procedures, the commercial department has to monitor all its shipments and transit actions by sea, air and land through a close coordination with the shippers and transportation companies and has to make sure all the above actions fall into the agreed supply chain time table. All above can not be achieved unless creating a very close team work not only between all internal departments (Planning, Customs, finance,...) but also with our suppliers in creating a bilateral and mutual understanding.


We all are now proud of the achieved smooth supply mechanism in which has been improved among these years to meet with all parties requirements.